It is found important that participation of voters in the electoral process is fundamental to the
functioning of any democratic society, and thereby voters must be registered in order to be eligible to
participate in an election. The accuracy of the voter register is a key element in ensuring that all
qualified citizens can enjoy the right to vote. Voter registration begin with the premise that all citizens
who have reached the required age have the right to vote. The general update of the voters’ register is
conducted before every election in order to exercise his/her right to cast vote in an election, and to
prepare an electoral roll for every elections.
Moreover, the Dzongkhag Election Office is responsible for the registration of voters, management
and publication of the electoral rolls and the production and distributions of VPICs to the registered
voters and thereby every interested and eligible voter is able to enlist his/her name on the electoral
roll and receive the VPIC conveniently and without delay. We are required to submit the detailed
report to the Department of Electoral Registration and Boundary Delimitation in order to generate the
Voter Photo Identity Card (VPIC) and Electoral Roll through Bhutan Electoral Roll Management
System (BERMS) required for the conduct of 3 rd Round of Historic National Assembly election,
In addition, the registration for voters on postal voting facilities has become so important factor for
the Dzongkhag Election Office, in order to ensure that the voters who are working under Tsirang
Dzongkhag could exercise their franchise through their most suitable facilitation booth.
Accordingly, carried out the revision, necessary verification and updating the details of voters in all
12 Gewogs and 60 Chiwogs to ensure that all the eligible voter are included to exercise his/her
franchise to cast vote in 2018 National Assembly election.

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